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Fabimilk Allevia Infant Milk

Fabimilk Allevia Infant Milk
Net Weight:
400g, 900g
Suitable for:
0 to 12 months

Made and packed in The Netherlands Product conforms to European Union Regulations

Fabimilk Allevia for comfortable digestion

Enriched with DHA, ARA, OPO, HMO, and nucleotides

Breast feeding is best for your baby but if, for any reason, this is not possible or sufficient, infant milk formula may be recommended by the medical experts.

Fabimilk Allevia™ is a nourishing substitute meeting all of the needs of the baby from birth onwards. Fabimilk Allevia is specially developed for easy digestion and intestinal transit thus helping the baby grow happily. Fabimilk Allevia contains OPO, a clinically-proven beta-palmitate fat ingredient that mimics the fat composition and properties of human milk fat. OPO is based on a patented enzymatic process. This unique fat enables easy digestion and optimized uptake of calcium, fat recovery and energy.

Fabimilk Allevia contains dietary fibers including HMO (2'-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide), the most prevalent prebiotic found in breast milk providing digestive and immune health benefits.

Fabimilk Allevia provides all the nutrients required for healthy growth of babies aged 0 to 12 months. Fabimilk Allevia is a closely controlled scientifically advanced formula and also contains nucleotides to help reduce the risk of infant diarrhea and boost immunity.

Our range of infant milk provide complete nourishment for babies with different needs