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Fabimilk 3 Growing-up Milk

Fabimilk 3 Growing-up Milk
Net Weight:
400g, 900g, 1700g
Suitable for:
1 to 3 years

Made and packed in The Netherlands Product conforms to European Union Regulations
Available in 400, 900 and 1700g tin sizes

Enriched with DHA & ARA, alpha-lactalbumin, nucleotides, iron, vitamins and minerals, with added fibre

Between one and three years of age, further skills are developed as the child’s neuromuscular system matures, and complete dental and intestinal development permits him/her to chew and digest solid food. There are changes in eating patterns at this age as toddlers are busy exploring and may become less interested in eating. The amount of food consumed becomes irregular, varying from day to day. Fabimilk 3 compensates for this by stimulating the appetite and ensuring the growing child receives the necessary nutrients.

Why is Fabimilk 3 preferable to cow’s milk?

Fabimilk 3 is preferable to cow’s milk because cow’s milk is too rich in saturated fat, and lacks iron and essential fatty acids and vitamins. Iron deficiency is still considered to be the main cause of malnutrition in children aged 1-3 years around the world. A toddler’s variable diet tends to be inadequate in iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins B, D, A, and C all of which are provided in Fabimilk 3. Three cups per day of Fabimilk 3 meet the toddler’s nutritional requirements whilst allowing him or her to experiment with solid food at the same time.

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