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Premium nutrition for infants & toddlers

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Committed to quality. Dedicated to healthy nutrition.

Fabimilk is proven worldwide for over 20 years. Enriched with thoughtfully selected high quality, nutritious ingredients to model breast milk, Fabimilk infant formula is complete premium nutrition for your baby’s first 12 months, for formula feeding moms and for those supplementing their breastfeeding.

Our scientifically advanced formulas are made with milk sourced from farms in the Netherlands, and is subject to strict and rigorous microbiological quality controls during production. Biofoodnutrition maintains accurate records for traceability, right down to the individual tin.

Our products destined for USA adhere to FDA and European regulations and are carefully adapted according to the latest validated research. Our research and development program is focused on quality and functional nutrition.

We are a multi-generational family owned and run company of moms and dads, parents with a love for all babies and understand the value of premium infant nutrition. We cherish emails like “Best milk ever. Thank you for growing up my child”. Fabimilk is truly:

Made to Grow”.

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