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Fabimilk 2 Follow-on Milk

Fabimilk 2 Follow-on Milk
Net Weight:
400g, 900g, 1700g
Suitable for:
6 to 12 months

Made and packed in The Netherlands. Product conforms to European Union Regulations
Available in 400g, 900g and 1700g tin sizes

DHA & ARA, alpha-lactalbumin, nucleotides and iron enriched formula with added fibre

Specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of weaning babies 6 months and older if combination feeding or if baby not being breastfed. Fabimilk® 2 is adapted as follow-on milk to avoid overfeeding and allows for a safe and well tolerated switch over and minimal disturbance to the baby.

Fabimilk 2 is a closely controlled, scientifically advanced product. It is an adapted formula of similar composition to breast milk and is designed to nourish healthy babies who have no special nutritional requirements. Fabimilk 2 provides sufficient calories, proteins, vitamins, fibers and minerals for the healthy physical development of the baby.